Wet clutch and PAO for motorcycles, etc.

Polyalphaolefins (PAOs) are known for their low traction properties and low oil-induced agitation resistance and transmission. However, they are rarely used in motorcycle engine and gear oils. The reason for this is the wet clutch.

In a wet clutch, power is transmitted through oil in the area from the half clutch to the clutch meet. If PAO is used in this area, the transmission power will be reduced and several problems may occur. For example, the clutch may suddenly connect, causing shocks, deteriorating shift feel, and accelerating clutch wear.

On the other hand, for vehicles equipped with quick shifters or in racing situations, the use of PAO may be worth considering; PAO is effective even in small doses, so it is worth trying when performance is a priority. However, one should keep in mind that in daily driving, PAO may adversely affect clutch operation.

In conclusion, PAO is not a common engine or gear oil for motorcycles, but it is an option that can be considered for use under certain circumstances. It is important to fully understand the advantages and disadvantages before making a prudent decision to use it.

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