We are looking for distributors and dealers.

We are looking for distributors and product dealers.
We can sell products in aluminum pouches with syringes for maintenance shops, used car dealers, tuning stores, hobby stores, etc., from about 10 units per box of products in aluminum pouches with syringes, or we can ship mixed products in a single package. We can also sell WS2 powder in quantities of 500 g and liquids (excluding base oil) in quantities of 1,000 ml at wholesale prices.
Please contact us for flexible arrangements for transactions of a certain volume.
We also accept sales on consignment, in which you pay us after the sale minus a commission fee. This is possible at both brick-and-mortar stores and online retailers.
We can order from IF-WS2-4L, WS2-5kg, AN, PAO, ZDDP, MoDTC in 18L or 20L pails.
We will quote you immediately with bulk prices, please contact us.
We do not accept business management consulting, SEO installation, web page creation management, advertising promotion, etc., as it would interfere with our business.