Additive Guide

Solid additives: IF-WS2, WS2 powder, CNT

IF-WS2 has the best wear, friction, and extreme pressure performance, followed by WS2, which is a low-cost version.

The immediate effect is OW-FM>IF-WS2>WS2. Although there is no simple comparison, WS2 gradually improves and works for a long time.

CNTs are in the form of fibers, and C60 and IF-WS2, which have a spherical fullerene structure, seem to be superior in reducing friction, but they also have the effect of filling minute scratches and cracks because of their nano-size. It is recommended for use in light compact cars and motorcycles to prevent seizure. It is also used in gear transmission oil and wet clutches to improve load resistance and prevent wear.
Oily additives: MoDTC, ZnDTP, OW-FM

These are oil-like components that combine metal and oil molecules to form a solid protective film over the area where heat or friction is applied. As a side effect, it also has an antioxidant effect, and adding a little to surplus oil is also recommended.
Base oil additives, alkylnaphthalene, PAO

Both AN and PAO have a high viscosity index (viscosity changes with temperature; the higher the value, the smaller the change) and can be used as viscosity adjusters.

Alkyl naphthalenes are like a panacea, protecting the oil from oxidation and decomposition, and forming a strong and thick oil film with good lubricity. I think this is the best feature of PAO.

PAO is strong and its viscosity does not drop easily. It has less traction and oil pull than other oils of the same viscosity, so it reduces the agitation loss that occurs between the oil and rotating parts such as gears. In addition, since the molecules are strong, it is difficult to undergo shear failure and is especially recommended for gears, transmissions, differentials, etc.

DI Package (for 4-stroke engine oil or 4-stroke engines including wet clutches, such as motorcycles)
As the name suggests, it is a packaged additive that combines dispersion cleaning and anti-degradation, By adding these additives, it is possible to