mPAO150 polyalphaolefin oil (viscosity increased. strong oil film)

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A PAO polyalphaolefin with a uniform and tough molecular structure polymerized by a metallocene catalyst.

Add a small amount to strengthen oil film and prevent viscosity loss, add an appropriate amount to improve viscosity and viscosity index.

It can be added to loose oil to increase viscosity and create polymer-less and polymer-saving oil.

It is also effective as an additive and helps additives work better when added to ester-based oils.

Characteristics: High viscosity, high viscosity index

  •     High viscosity, high viscosity index, and retention of oil film without viscosity sagging even at high temperatures.
  •     High shear resistance, strong against agitation and shear, and viscosity does not drop easily.
  •     Low traction, better oil sharpness and less agitation resistance compared to other oils of the same viscosity.

Applications: Thickening of various lubricants, viscosity reduction

Thickening agent for various lubricating oils, viscosity index improver

[Typical Viscosity Data]

156cSt at 100°C


Viscosity Index 206

Please refer to the following

SEA Viscosity Standard

Mixed Oil Viscosity Calculation Tool

Simplified table of viscosity-enhancing additive amounts in terms of SAE viscosity standards
Engine Oil mPAO150 Required Amount

MotorOil mPAO150
20→30 15%
30→40 10%
40→50 10%
50→60 13%
80→85 14.5%
85→90 8%
90→140 23.5%
140→250 28.5%