Zinc molybdenum mix 40ml syringe(about1.4floz)

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Effects: Low fuel consumption, increased response, lubrication, friction reduction, antifriction effect, anti-wear, anti-oxidation

Applications:Engine gear oil additive

Additive amount: 0.25-2%.

For approximately 2 to 16 liters of oil

This is an easy-to-use blend of ZnDTP and MoDTC, which are compatible with each other.

This additive combines ZnDTP with organic molybdenum MoDTC, which has a synergistic effect.
The heat and friction generated on the sliding surfaces form a film of zinc, phosphorus, sulfur, molybdenum, and their compounds on the sliding surfaces, preventing wear.
The molybdenum film reduces friction loss due to low friction, so improved fuel economy and engine response can be expected.

Addition to engine oil and gear oil
Prevention of wear and oxidation of lubricating oil for 4-stroke gasoline and diesel engines, manual transfer transmissions, and differentials
Protection of engines of old vehicles whose factory oil or designated oil for replacement is less than API oil standard SL grade, improvement of initial blending of new vehicles, overhauls, and after repairs, and protection of engines, transmissions, and differentials

Not recommended for addition to wet clutch, multi-disc clutch mechanical LSD AT transmission, CVT, and other hydraulic fluids.

*For shipping outside Japan, the syringe will not be filled with the additive for safety reasons, and the contents will be packed separately.

 40ml aluminum pouch + syringe set.