Store and Company Profile

Distributor: TemperamentLube

Representative: Shunsuke Kigure
Location: TemperamentLube: Representative Shunsuke Kigure, 379-0127, 3-7-33 Isobe, Annaka, Gunma
Phone number: 07026808573
E-mail address:

Nature of Business: Sales and manufacture of lubricating materials and lubricant additives for use in internal combustion engines and associated engines.

Normally, lubricant additive ingredients are handled in drums of 200L or tanker truck units, but Temperament Lube hopes to support the sale and use of these products in small portions for easy handling by individuals and stores.

In the materials category, we sell additives that are used in the actual manufacturing of lubricants, and they are all proven effective and have a proven track record of use.

We are also planning to manufacture and sell electronic devices for automobiles and motorcycles, and we would like to purchase, develop, manufacture, and sell lubricants and accessories related to automobiles and motorcycles.

We are aiming to expand our product lineup to include unique items that are not available in other stores or that are hard to find.

We look forward to your continued patronage of Temperament Lube.