Product Application Example: Adding WS2 to CV joint sealing grease

The CV (constant velocity) joint is a mechanism used to keep the angle of rotation unchanged while transmitting power between the wheels, transmission, and differential of an automobile. It consists of two joints, one inner and one outer, to allow the wheels to move up and down smoothly.


CVJ2The CV joint transmits power even when the tire wheel moves up and down in relation to the vehicle body. The more angular the CV joint is, the more friction there is, so a shaft boot is installed to lubricate the joint and grease is filled inside the boot.

To lubricate it, a shaft boot is installed and filled with grease. Even in normal cases, high-performance grease such as molybdenum grease is used in this area.

We received feedback from a professional maintenance customer that adding WS2 powder to this grease lightens the movement.

Especially in cars with a different ride height, the CV joints are angled more than usual and friction increases, so why not consider this when replacing the shaft boot?

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