Mixture oil viscosity calculation

Calculate Oil Ratio Based on Dynamic Viscosity

Target Dynamic Viscosity Oil Ratio Calculation
The mixing ratio of the two types of oil can be calculated by inputting the target dynamic viscosity and the kinematic viscosities of the two types of oil. *Depending on your browser, the decimal point may not be displayed, but you can calculate the ratio by entering it.


Oil A+B Mixing Calculation Tool
This tool calculates the viscosity of two oils mixed at an arbitrary ratio.


SAE Viscosity Standard Table

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The numbers in the product names indicate the kinematic viscosity at around 100℃.
Polyalphaolefin Series
A special base oil that is tough and has low resistance.




Alkyl Naphthalenes Series
By adding alkylnaphthalene, deterioration of oil is suppressed and the oil film is strengthened.
In addition, it is a special base oil that has an oil film strengthening function.




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