Mixture oil viscosity calculation

This is a spreadsheet that can be used to calculate the mixing ratio of two oils based on the target kinematic viscosity in Microsoft Excel or other applications.
Please use this as a guide for calculating the required amount of alkylnaphthalene, PAO, etc.
Enter the viscosity of the oil at the same temperature.
Please note that the actual viscosity may differ due to calculation errors or oil characteristics, and is for reference only.

Download Oil Mixture Viscosity Calculation Sheet XLSX

Mixed Oil Viscosity Calculation Google Spreadsheet

Please feel free to use it if you redistribute it without modification, and if possible, include a link to this page or the top page.

SAE Viscosity Specifications

Here to purchase viscosity adjusters.
The numbers in the product names indicate the kinematic viscosity at around 100℃.
Polyalphaolefin Series
A special base oil that is tough and has low resistance.




Alkyl Naphthalenes Series
By adding alkyl naphthalene, the oil deterioration is suppressed and the oil film is strengthened.
In addition, it is a special base oil that has an oil film strengthening function.




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