oil additive OW-FM Organic tungsten-based friction reducing and anti-wear agent

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This is an organic tungsten friction reducer in oil form.

    Synergistic effect with organomolybdenum-based FM agents (MoDTC and MoDTP)
    Synergistic effect with phenylamine antioxidants
    Fast-acting, starting to work immediately after addition, and settling down after about 500 km of driving.
    Since it does not contain phosphorus, which is aggressive to catalysts, it can be safely added to engine oil.
    It works especially well in the low-load range and when the engine is cold, so it is easy to feel the effect.

Add to lubricating oil and grease to improve wear prevention and friction reduction in automobile and motorcycle engine gear oil, industrial machinery, hobby, etc.

(Caution) Motorcycle LSD with wet clutch may slip.
Recommended dosage

10ml per 1000ml of lubricating oil is the recommended amount to add.

Addition to grease: 1~4%.

Engine oil 0.3~1%, 1~3% for high load applications such as circuit driving competitions

Gear oil 0.3~1%, 1~3% for high load applications such as circuit running competitions

0.3~2% for industrial machinery, etc.
Typical characteristic values


Viscosity 70cSt@40°C 5.7cSt@100°C

Specific gravity 9.9g/ml

Flash Point 136°C
Hazardous material Class 4 Class 3 Petroleum