Fuel additive, ferrocene powder (10 grams: approximately 150-650 liters of fuel)

Fuel additive, ferrocene powder (10 grams: approximately 150-650 liters of fuel)

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Fuel additive, ferrocene powder

When added to fuel, it acts as a combustion (oxidation) catalyst, increasing octane rate, increasing combustion efficiency and fuel efficiency by reducing unburned gases, preventing the adhesion of carbon in the combustion chamber, and preventing the lubrication and wear of the intake and exhaust valves.

It can be used in all types of internal combustion engines, including 2-stroke, 4-stroke, gasoline, diesel, and rotary engines, and is especially recommended for carburetors, direct injection engines, and rotary engines.

It can also be used for kerosene boilers and external exhaust oil stoves to increase combustion efficiency and save energy! (Do not use on indoor combustion exhaust stoves, oil fan heaters, etc.)

It can be used in kerosene flamethrowers and boilers for agriculture, gasoline to heavy oil fueled ship engines, industrial equipment, generators, and anything else that uses liquid fuel.

Directions for use: Dissolve the ferrocene powder in fuel using a commercially available draining agent or fuel carrying can before adding to the fuel tank of the vehicle or other equipment (about 1% will dissolve in the fuel).

(1% of the powder will dissolve into the fuel tank.) The remaining powder should be removed without filling the fuel tank.
Approximate amount to be used: 1 gram of ferrocene per 15~65 liters of fuel.

The amount to be added on an octane number (RON) increase basis is

The amount to be added based on the increase in octane number (RON) is 0.002wt% of fuel, which is about 1 octane number (RON) increase.
Please use less than the upper limit of 0.01wt% (octane number increases by 5).

Since ferrocene combustion products will accumulate on the spark plug, please inspect the plug and clean and replace it in a timely manner. Reference page

 10 grams: 150-650 liters of fuel

 20 grams: 300 to 1300 liters of fuel

*This is a substance designated by the Occupational Health and Safety Law with oral and inhalation toxicity. Please confirm the safety data sheet in the instruction manual and on this website before use.

*There is no difference in the toxicity of combustion products to the human body between the exhaust gas from a gasoline engine with 30ppm (0.003% by weight) of ferrocene added and the exhaust gas without the addition of ferrocene.