WS2 Tungsten Disulfide Fine Powder

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It is a solid lubricant in powder form used for lubricating parts that require absolute performance, such as in the aerospace industry.
The sliding surfaces inside the engine are coated with a high-performance lubricating film.
It has excellent extreme pressure properties, especially at high temperatures and high loads, as well as long-lasting durability of the lubricating film.
It has excellent dispersibility and does not easily agglomerate or precipitate without dispersants or with only dispersants in the oil.
Excellent fusing property reduces wear at dry start.

Highly resistant to acids and oil deterioration, and heat resistant to 400°C or higher, it can be expected to lubricate pistons and cylinders in combustion chambers subjected to heat of 400°C or higher.

The aluminum pouch with zipper allows for convenient storage.

[How to use]

It is a powdered lubricant with low frictional resistance and high extreme pressure.

Add 0.3 to 1wt% to various oils for the first time, and use about half of the initial amount for continuous use (not recommended for wet clutches and hydraulic oil).

We recommend adding 0.3~1wt% to grease as well, but viscosity and ease of handling should be prioritized.

(We recommend adding a larger amount the first time to encourage the grease to adhere to the surface, and adding a small amount the second and subsequent times to maintain the lubrication film.

It can also be added to shot peening media and rubbed into parts with a rag or cotton swab to form a dry lubricating film.

Approximate amount of oil
25g: About 2.5 to 10 liters
50g: About 5 to 20 liters