Clean dispersant agent/DI addtive package GF-6A/GF-6B/SP grades

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DI Package GF-6A/GF-6B/SP grade

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This is a packaged additive that contains all the necessary additives for passenger car gasoline engine oil.

This is the latest SP grade version of the high-grade DI package used in flagship engine oils of major oil manufacturers and in higher grades.


Clean dispersibility of engine oil, enhancement of basic performance, making your own original engine oil, etc.


This product is composed of DI (cleanliness and anti-degradation agent), DD (dispersant), AW (anti-wear agent), FM (friction modifier), and other additives necessary for engine oil.

Since the main ingredients are those that suppress oil deterioration and contamination, adding a small amount to existing engine oil will keep it clean and extend the oil life.

In addition, it can be used as a cleaning agent without destroying the additive balance as a cleaning dispersant, and is recommended.

The features of the SP grade compared to the SN grade are further fuel efficiency performance, improved timing chain wear prevention performance, and enhanced LSPI low-speed ignition prevention.

By adding additional oil, these performances can be added to oil less than SP grade.

[How to use]

Add 0.5 to 2% to engine oil

When adding to base oil to make original engine oil, add 8-9% by weight and match the viscosity to make engine oil equivalent to GF-6A/GF-6B/SP.

[Physical Properties]

Specific Gravity @ 15.6°C,60°F
Min            0.95 g/cm3
Typical      0.970 g/cm3
Maximum 0.990 g/cm3

Kinematic viscosity
@ 25°C 3876cSt
@ 40°C 1500cSt
@100°C 110cSt

Depending on the delivery method, the 40ml pouch may be changed to two 20ml bottles,
If you would like to use the pouch, please indicate it on the cart screen or in the remarks column when ordering.