IF-WS2 dispersion Oil

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This is a WS2 tungsten disulfide dispersion with a multilayer fullerene structure.

It contributes to energy saving and longer service life of machines by reducing friction, preventing wear, and improving extreme pressure resistance and load carrying capacity.


At low pressure, the spheres roll to reduce friction, at high pressure, the nano-level spheres flex to absorb pressure, and at even higher pressure, the layers peel off to lubricate.

They are also very fine, so they fill in glare and scratches on metal surfaces and reduce the surface coefficient of friction.

This ultra-high performance lubricant is used in the aerospace industry, nuclear power plants, large industrial machinery, and military applications where ultimate performance is required.


[Intended use]

Add to lubricating oil and grease for motorcycle engines, transmissions, differentials, and bearings and sliding surfaces of heavy machinery and industrial machinery.

Recommended usage 1%.