MoDTC・Molybdenum dithiocarbamate[Super high molybdenum oil!]

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MoDTC undiluted solution

Effect:Increased response, anti-friction effect, anti-wear, anti-oxidation

Application:Engine gear oil additive

Mo=9.5~10.5% (95000~105000ppm)Super high molybdenum oil!

Additive amount 0.05~0.5%.

For approximately 8~40 liters of oil

For 1 liter of lubricating oil(One liter is roughly one quart.)

Engine protection: 2ml/1L:[0.067oz/1qt]

Differential, manual transmission: 5ml/1L[:1.7oz/1qt]

Breaking-in, circuit driving, etc.: 10ml/1L:[3.2oz/1qt]

Adjust within the range of 0.1 to 1% by weight depending on usage conditions, etc.

It is recommended to put the oil in a 20L can in advance and stir it before storing it for use to prevent oxidation of excess oil.

This additive is blended in fuel-efficient oil and high-performance oil, and is effective in reducing friction loss, reducing fuel consumption, and increasing response.

It is a type of organic molybdenum that is often blended in engine oil additives.

This oil is composed of 100% organic molybdenum compounds with a molybdenum content of 9.5-10.5%.

The heat and friction generated on sliding surfaces causes a film of sulfur, molybdenum, and their compounds to form on the sliding surfaces, preventing wear and oxidation.
The molybdenum film reduces friction loss due to low friction, so improved fuel economy and engine response can be expected.

Addition to engine oil and gear oil

Prevention of wear, friction reduction, and oxidation of lubricating oil for 4-cycle gasoline and diesel engines, manual transfer transmissions, and differentials
Improvement of initial blending after new vehicles, overhauls, and repairs; protection of engines, transmissions, and differentials

Hazardous material class 3, class 4, petroleum No. 3

Not recommended for addition to AT transmissions, CVTs, and other hydraulic fluids.


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