ZnDTP, zinc dialkyl dithiophosphate[Ultra-high zinc phosphorus oil]

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A must-have ingredient in old car engine oil! Old car owners know
Super concentrated ZnDTP oil!

Add to transmission oil to improve shift feel! We recommend adding this oil to prevent oil from rising, to prevent wear in high-mileage, high-running, low-year vehicles, motorcycles that use their engines to high RPM, and light vehicles.

Addition to manual transmission oil and LSD oil is especially recommended.

It is also recommended for tools that are subject to severe wear, such as air tool oil, ratchets, and various rotating part bearings.

Effects: Prevention of wear, prevention of oxidation, prevention of slippage of wet clutches

Applications: Addition to engine gear oil, assembly oil, break-in oil

Ingredients: Zinc dialkyl dithiophosphate > 90%

Zn=8~10% (80000~100000ppm)

Approximate amount to be added: 0.2~2%

For approximately 2 to 20 liters of oil(One liter is roughly one quart.)


It has been used as an anti-wear and anti-oxidation agent since the 1930s.
It can be used for wet clutches as it does not unnecessarily lower the coefficient of friction.

High purity ZDDP with 8-10% zinc content and 8-10% high phosphorus content


Addition to engine oil and gear oil

Prevention of wear and oxidation of lubricating oil in 4-stroke gasoline and diesel engines, manual transmissions, and differentials
Protection for engines of old cars whose factory oil or designated oil for replacement is less than API oil standard SL grade, improvement of initial blending after new car, overhaul or repair, protection for engine, transmission and differential, can also be used for wet clutch and multi-disc clutch mechanical LSD.

Hazardous material class 3, class 4, petroleum No. 3

Not recommended for addition to AT transmission, CVT, and other hydraulic oils.

Do not add to engines with high oil consumption as it may cause catalyst deterioration.

When adding at high dosage, the oil becomes dirty easily, so please check the condition of the oil frequently.

 The 40ml pouch may be changed to two 20ml bottles depending on the delivery method,

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