Characteristic effects of PAO polyalphaolefin


    Low impurity content and strong molecular structure, making it resistant to degradation!
    Soft at low temperatures, viscosity is maintained at high temperatures, energy saving at low temperatures, high protection at high temperatures!
    Energy saving due to low traction!
    Overall, the properties are compatible with gear oil and recommended for addition to gear oil.

First of all, PAO is manufactured through scientific synthesis and contains no unnecessary components that can cause degradation.

It has excellent flowability at low temperatures, is effective in improving efficiency at low temperatures, does not easily lose viscosity at high temperatures, and creates a relatively thick oil film at high temperatures to protect sliding surfaces.

So far, you probably know about this.

There is one more wonderful effect: low traction.

Traction is simply the drag or force transfer between oils.

For example, when gears rotate, they also rotate with the oil in places not related to lubrication, but PAO with low traction causes less unnecessary loss.

In an efficiency test using worm gears, a comparison between mineral oil and PAO showed a 5% improvement.

Hypoid gears used in worm gears and differentials do not have high transmission efficiency because the gears not only push the gears around but also move in the sliding direction.

Increase transmission efficiency with highly durable, low-traction PAO!

high quality low viscosity PAO and super high viscosity mPAO, especially recommended for gear oil and differential oil.

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